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TRAVEL/LIFESTYLE: Ways to keep your yoga practice on the road

This four month travel through South East Asia gives me more time to myself ..

Or so I thought 😉 Multiple goals and things to focus on in my mind, that I definitely will and shall practice during this trip. Thoughts go to abandoned beaches, early morning sunsets and just little pieces of paradise. Mainly, places where I can really get into personal writing, yoga-poses, meditation and photography. Preferably I would have wanted to practice more guitar too, but hey, the bruises on my shoulder from my backpack already tell me I should be happy not have brought a guitar on the road…

Obviously, my plan was also to meet as many new people as possible, swap interesting stories, see lots of different places, try out all of the amazing food (asian food was already one of my favorites!), and just simply enjoy every single moment.So how do you keep from getting more and more tempted to just only focus on traveling and socializing and totally forget about your own things?

The good news is, during travel you have lots of time and the sun definitely gives you a lot more energy! So that helps. Secondly, getting out of bed earlier is a lot easier when you have amazing views or a beautiful sunrise to wake you up.

So, #1: Make sure you have everything you need so excuses are harder to find. Luckily for Yoga you have most of what you need with you already wherever you go: your body, your breathe and your mind. All else you could need is possibly a super light yoga mat (which can be already under <1kg and be multifunctional during your travels) and maybe some help (practice videos, apps or books). I brought the book Yoga for Travellers which is just great!

#2: Find your space.
Or, adapt your practice to a specific space. What do you feel like your body needs right now? Every hostel or hotel usually has some space where you can practice. In Koh Tao, Thailand I was staying at a beautiful hostel with great balconies (see above picture). Even though the room next to it was used as a common room, it was beyond relaxing to just create my own practice space and just relax.Yoga Koh Tao

#3: Find some like-minded people or follow some local classes! Try out something new, learn from each other or just relax, hear each other’s stories about life and get inspired. Anything is possible, just keep it fun! In Koh Phangan I just found so many amazing yoga-schools I wanted to try out. Eventually I did the aerial yoga where you can hang upside down at the end, it was a pretty cool experience right next to the ocean and teaches you some new things!

#4: Try to not overdo it! Just like everything, as soon as something becomes a must-do it looses its magic. Just loosen up, pick your times and enjoy! Try and choose the amount of times that would make you happy and try to stick with it. Try to remember how good it makes you feel afterwards and how usually it gives you energy instead of taking it.Yoga Koh Phangan

Anything is possible when you set your mind to it. Usually even without losing any of the other fun stuff!

Love, Cyn



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