SAIL 2015/AMSTERDAM: Once every 5 years, you can be a pirate

Once upon a time… a couple hundred years ago.. the waters of Holland were filled with these big Dutch historical ships.

And once every 5 years, the waters of Amsterdam are filled with Tall Ships, creating and event with more than 1.5 million visitors. For me this was the first time visiting Sail and I was lucky enough to visit it by boat. Yesterday 600 ships came in to Amsterdam, taking a couple of hours to come from the Noordzee to ‘t IJ in Amsterdam.They will be in Amsterdam until the 23th of August.

Seeing all the ships from upclose was super impressive, although sometimes I was a little scared with thousands of boats around going all quite close to each other. It’s like a highway on the water. Lots of activities are going on in and around the water in Amsterdam, a ferry wheel, a live music stage, and of course lots of parties at all the outside places around like Hannekes Boom, Pllek etc.. And then one of my favorite things in the world, a perfect spot to watch the sunset. Sometimes trying to watch sunsets in the city can really suck, but hey, yesterday was an exception.

We were incredibly lucky with the weather, in the evening it even got better than it had been during the day where I was afraid it was gonna rain. A perfect summer night on the boat, what more can you wish for! Ah yes, that’s what more I could wish for 😉 Fireworks. I cannot remember the last time I saw fireworks, but this was so amazing! Beautiful with all the colors in the sky and all the boats and people around you.

If you wanna know more about the event, check the website here. And of course when you get the chance, go check it out!


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