ITALY SERIES: Places not to miss in the South of Italy | #1: Matera

The South of Italy is full of surprises

A few months ago was about the third time I visited the South of Italy, but up until now I had never visited the famous city Matera. An UNESCO world heritage site, well known for it’s beautiful and iconic scenery.
Matera is most well known for the Sassi , an area in Matera where the houses are carved out of the mountains. It’s a unique site and because of this also used as a movie set more than once. One of the more famous (non-Italian) movies is the Passion of the Christ with Mel Gibson. When you see the city, and then especially the part with the Sassi, you understand why.

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EXPLORING/CUBA: The greatest area to go wander | Day 2

To really explore a city you need to be strolling through it, looking around every corner

My first few hours in Havana, I was just taking in all the amazing views, getting to see as much of Havana as possible. A little overview you can see in my last post: First impressions of Havana, Cuba. After driving around through the great Malec√≥n (a dream to walk there forever next to the ocean!), I couldn’t wait to dive into the streetlife. Preferably the smallest little streets I could find, with the most interesting houses and colors.

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EXPLORING/REYKJAVIK: Connecting city life & nature

Last month I was lucky enough to visit Iceland

The country where the population in the whole place is less than the population of Amsterdam, where every hour on the road a new natural miracle shows itself, where I can wear a scarf, a hat and sunglasses at the same time.. My first day it was time to explore Reykjavik, the capital of Iceland. One thing that always keeps amazing me is the color of the houses in the streets. It just makes me smile all the time!

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IJHALLEN/AMSTERDAM: The biggest flea market in Europe

One weekend per month you get the opportunity to take the boat to the north of Amsterdam, stroll around in the sun and watch cool stuff around you.. which you can even buy!

You can have a little look at all the colorful things around you and socialize a bit with everyone around. I mean, it’s weekend, so you can do whatever you want! If you’re on the look out for cool things: you can score nice earrings for 50 cents, new games for your Game Boy Color or Nintendo, an old school camera or if you want.. the third part of the ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ trilogy.

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