TRAVEL/LIFESTYLE: Ways to keep your yoga practice on the road

This four month travel through South East Asia gives me more time to myself ..

Or so I thought 😉 Multiple goals and things to focus on in my mind, that I definitely will and shall practice during this trip. Thoughts go to abandoned beaches, early morning sunsets and just little pieces of paradise. Mainly, places where I can really get into personal writing, yoga-poses, meditation and photography. Preferably I would have wanted to practice more guitar too, but hey, the bruises on my shoulder from my backpack already tell me I should be happy not have brought a guitar on the road…

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This week’s photo challenge is ‘Yellow’

Straight away I thought about the time that I went snorkelling in Thailand. Even though I had been pretty careful, putting on sunscreen whenever I could, my shoulders felt pretty hot (read: sunburned). I decided to swim with my shirt, to try and protect myself from the sun. Eventually, I’m quite happy since the yellow is coming out so perfectly with the amazingly clear blue water of the sea..


The Dreamy Discoverer

MOON BAR/BANGKOK: Catch shooting stars in the moon light

If you want to experience the feeling of being on top the world with a cocktail in your hand, this is the place to go..

An amazing view over the city and no need to hike a mountain to be able to be here. Not bad right? All you need to do is go up 61 floors up in the sky and you’ll find yourself in one of the best bars in the world: a place surrounded by the moon, the starts and and a blue glowy light.

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