TRAVEL/LIFESTYLE: Ways to keep your yoga practice on the road

This four month travel through South East Asia gives me more time to myself ..

Or so I thought ­čśë Multiple goals and things to focus on in my mind, that I definitely will and shall practice during this trip. Thoughts go to abandoned beaches, early morning sunsets and just little pieces of paradise. Mainly, places where I can really get into personal writing, yoga-poses, meditation and photography. Preferably I would have wanted to practice more guitar too, but hey, the bruises on my shoulder from my backpack already tell me I should be happy not have brought a guitar on the road…

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LIFESTYLE: 10 Ways to get through winter happy

I admit, I haven’t always been a winter person. I love beaches, summer clothes, warm weather, cocktails…. in general winter isn’t my favorite season. Unless ofcourse it’s actually winter and you can go ice skating, or snowboarding.

But I’m Dutch. Dutch winters are not known to be super cold, so this year I was even happy when there was a little bit of snow. The main reasons why winter is not my favorite season is the fact that the days are so short or just that the skies can be so grey.┬áThis year for me is extra hard, since this is my first time in 4 years that I’m actually in Europe in Winter. So I kinda got used to the summer feeling.

However, there is good news! You don’t have to┬ájust close your eyes and only open them again when summer is back. There are lots of ways to keep happy while you are in winter. I’m gonna give you 10 tips that will help you get through winter:

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