EXPLORING/ICELAND: The magic Golden Circle

I booked my flight to Iceland pretty much two weeks before leaving

All I did before leaving for Iceland, is buy a lonely planet, find a hostel for the first night and quickly scroll through some pictures to get an idea of where to go. Not knowing where to start, I sat in the plane and was still just getting used to the idea that I was one my way to Iceland. The week before I was in an amazing place in France, where I didn’t use my phone, internet and I didn’t want to do any planning. Getting used to enjoying every second as it is before thinking about the future.

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EXPLORING/REYKJAVIK: Connecting city life & nature

Last month I was lucky enough to visit Iceland

The country where the population in the whole place is less than the population of Amsterdam, where every hour on the road a new natural miracle shows itself, where I can wear a scarf, a hat and sunglasses at the same time.. My first day it was time to explore Reykjavik, the capital of Iceland. One thing that always keeps amazing me is the color of the houses in the streets. It just makes me smile all the time!

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