SAIL 2015/AMSTERDAM: Once every 5 years, you can be a pirate

Once upon a time… a couple hundred years ago.. the waters of Holland were filled with these big Dutch historical ships.

And once every 5 years, the waters of Amsterdam are filled with Tall Ships, creating and event with more than 1.5 million visitors. For me this was the first time visiting Sail and I was lucky enough to visit it by boat. Yesterday 600 ships came in to Amsterdam, taking a couple of hours to come from the Noordzee to ‘t IJ in Amsterdam.They will be in Amsterdam until the 23th of August.

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IJHALLEN/AMSTERDAM: The biggest flea market in Europe

One weekend per month you get the opportunity to take the boat to the north of Amsterdam, stroll around in the sun and watch cool stuff around you.. which you can even buy!

You can have a little look at all the colorful things around you and socialize a bit with everyone around. I mean, it’s weekend, so you can do whatever you want! If you’re on the look out for cool things: you can score nice earrings for 50 cents, new games for your Game Boy Color or Nintendo, an old school camera or if you want.. the third part of the ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ trilogy.

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EVENT/AMSTERDAM: Step into tulip heaven in Amsterdam

“When it’s spring again I’ll bring for you Tulips from Amsterdam….” If you’re Dutch, you definitely heard this famous song: ‘Tulpen uit Amsterdam‘.

Last Saturday, the 17th of January, was National Tulip day, which means the Dutch tulip season is starting again! To celebrate, everyone could come to Dam Square to pick their own tulips from a special ‘picking garden’! With colors and sunshine everywhere, it could not have been a better day to celebrate! With more than 200,000 tulips, there were enough for everyone to enjoy.

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EVENT/AMSTERDAM: Chasing the light at the Amsterdam Light Festival

In the darker winter nights, it’s great to have sparkling lights around you. I absolutely loved all the Christmas lights, but in Amsterdam there is a lot ┬ámore of lights to cheer you up this winter.

This year is already the 3rd edition of the Amsterdam Light Festival. The theme of this year is ‘A bright city’. I love just walking around the city and see all the lights around me. And it’s not just light, it’s lot of different artworks, lit up in the night. There’s a walking route and a water route: Illuminade & Water Colors.

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BACCHUS/AMSTERDAM: Tasting the sunshine at Bacchus wine festival

Wine tasting, sunshine & good company: perfect ingredients for a great day!

After I became an expert in wine drinking in South Africa, I decided to keep up the good work in the Netherlands. Last weekend in Amsterdam there was a wine festival in ‘het Amsterdamse Bos’: Bacchus Wijnfestival. I was super excited! Relax and really feel like its weekend. Dream back to the weekends of going to wine farms when I was in Cape Town.

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