EXPLORING/CUBA: The greatest area to go wander | Day 2

To really explore a city you need to be strolling through it, looking around every corner

My first few hours in Havana, I was just taking in all the amazing views, getting to see as much of Havana as possible. A little overview you can see in my last post: First impressions of Havana, Cuba. After driving around through the great Malec√≥n (a dream to walk there forever next to the ocean!), I couldn’t wait to dive into the streetlife. Preferably the smallest little streets I could find, with the most interesting houses and colors.

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EXPLORING/CUBA: First impressions of Havana | Day 1

My first time in Havana, a place that until now I had only visited in my dreams

Havana, Cuba. My first time in Cuba, my first day in Havana. When we arrived in Cuba, we spent the first day in Varadero, a beach paradise with white beaches and crystal clear blue water. Some people visit Cuba as a perfect beach get away, to enjoy the lovely ocean, drink the fresh mojito’s and pina colada and of course, enjoy the incredible music. Ofcourse all of that was part of my trip, but in the whole time I was there I haven’t spent more than a couple of hours in total at the beach. I was too excited to explore, get to know Cuba! The culture, the little streets, the people, the amazing landscapes.

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