MOON BAR/BANGKOK: Catch shooting stars in the moon light

If you want to experience the feeling of being on top the world with a cocktail in your hand, this is the place to go..

An amazing view over the city and no need to hike a mountain to be able to be here. Not bad right? All you need to do is go up 61 floors up in the sky and you’ll find yourself in one of the best bars in the world: a place surrounded by the moon, the starts and and a blue glowy light.

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THE IRON FAIRIES/BANGKOK: Find the magic and get enchanted

Being in a new city always makes me excited to go out, explore and find out where the magic happens..

Bangkok was one of the cities I had never visited before. I booked my ticket to Thailand about one week before, so I was definitely way to unprepared. But hey, that usually makes it fun right? So I had been figuring out where to go this night, you know, spending half of my day looking on Trip Advisor and in my Lonely planet. Then I stumbled upon this place. Why? I don’t know, certain places just attract you and have an atmosphere that makes you really enjoy the place. This is one of those places.

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