TRAVEL/LIFESTYLE: Ways to keep your yoga practice on the road

This four month travel through South East Asia gives me more time to myself ..

Or so I thought 😉 Multiple goals and things to focus on in my mind, that I definitely will and shall practice during this trip. Thoughts go to abandoned beaches, early morning sunsets and just little pieces of paradise. Mainly, places where I can really get into personal writing, yoga-poses, meditation and photography. Preferably I would have wanted to practice more guitar too, but hey, the bruises on my shoulder from my backpack already tell me I should be happy not have brought a guitar on the road…

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ITALY SERIES: Places not to miss in the South of Italy | #1: Matera

The South of Italy is full of surprises

A few months ago was about the third time I visited the South of Italy, but up until now I had never visited the famous city Matera. An UNESCO world heritage site, well known for it’s beautiful and iconic scenery.
Matera is most well known for the Sassi , an area in Matera where the houses are carved out of the mountains. It’s a unique site and because of this also used as a movie set more than once. One of the more famous (non-Italian) movies is the Passion of the Christ with Mel Gibson. When you see the city, and then especially the part with the Sassi, you understand why.

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EXPLORING/ICELAND: The magic Golden Circle

I booked my flight to Iceland pretty much two weeks before leaving

All I did before leaving for Iceland, is buy a lonely planet, find a hostel for the first night and quickly scroll through some pictures to get an idea of where to go. Not knowing where to start, I sat in the plane and was still just getting used to the idea that I was one my way to Iceland. The week before I was in an amazing place in France, where I didn’t use my phone, internet and I didn’t want to do any planning. Getting used to enjoying every second as it is before thinking about the future.

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EXPLORING/CUBA: The greatest area to go wander | Day 2

To really explore a city you need to be strolling through it, looking around every corner

My first few hours in Havana, I was just taking in all the amazing views, getting to see as much of Havana as possible. A little overview you can see in my last post: First impressions of Havana, Cuba. After driving around through the great Malecón (a dream to walk there forever next to the ocean!), I couldn’t wait to dive into the streetlife. Preferably the smallest little streets I could find, with the most interesting houses and colors.

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